3D Artist Feature

I'm honored to have contributed to the 25 KeyShot Tips & Tricks of 3D Artist, issue 85

Short post here, just a bit of noteworthy news. Recently, I was contacted by a reporter who was interested in learning about how I use KeyShot 6 and what features I thought were particularly noteworthy. I've been fortunate enough to be testing the upcoming release of KeyShot rendering software for Luxion for a while now. 

Since I don't live in the UK where the magazine is printed and on news stands, I had to order my copy and have it shipped here. I purchased a digital version through iTunes, but reading a magazine on my iPhone didn't really cut it, so I ordered a physical copy for my archives. 

A list of the artists who contributed to the KeyShot feature in 3D Artist, issue 85

The article provides sample images and renderings as well as tips from some great 3D artists, many of which have much more experience and expertise than I. If you're curious or excited about the release of KeyShot 6, you can whet your appetite a bit more as well as support the 3D community by buying a copy of 3D Artist magazine, issue 85 right here. 

Also, I want to offer a congrats to my peers who also appeared in the feature. 

To read all sorts of great tips, grab a copy of the magazine! Link above.