3D Scans

I've interacted with Andrew Bougie on Instagram over the past year. I got connected with him after being a guest on a podcast a couple months ago. After exchanging a few tweets, Andrew decided to send me some models he'd created from 3D scanned data to render in KeyShot.

3D scanning is a really cool process in which a special camera can be moved around an object and capture a cloud of data points. Those data points can be turned into a 3D model to suit your needs. Of course, that's a gross over-simplification, but that's because I'm not a 3D scanning expert. Andrew however is. In fact, he recently started his own business called Digitize Designs. His company offers 3D scanning services, saving you from having to buy expensive equipment and learning how to use it.

Check out Andrew's company, Digitize Designs!

Above, you can see some of the renderings I created using Andrew's models and KeyShot. The models and animations that feature only one material do so because the 3D scanned data didn't include corresponding UV maps. The turtle has variation in materials because the color information was provided to me from the scan. The other models didn't have any material breaks, thus, I applied a single material to them.

Below, you'll find a couple of very short animations I did using the models. 

I would like to thank Andrew for providing these models for me to play with. I was especially impressed by the alligator skull. The density was nice and high and really did the translucent material I applied justice. Please check out Digitize Designs to learn more about 3D scanning and to say hi to Andrew Bougie.