Tutorial: Animate Blinking LED Lights in KeyShot

Blinking LED Blog Thumb.jpg

By popular request, I’ve made a tutorial that shows you how to animate blinking LEDs in KeyShot. In the two tutorials, I cover three (you read that right) 3 different approaches to different LED lights commonly found on consumer electronic products.

The trick with animating LEDs in KeyShot is that while plenty of users figure out how to make a light fade in or out, but getting it to blink over and over again, or making a ring of LEDs chase each other around in a circle can be a bit more tricky. I take the time to explain how to make a blinking LED by way of an emissive label in a 20-minute free tutorial. Find the video below.

And I hope plenty of people would get a lot out of this tutorial. However, I wanted to share some other more complex approaches that actually showed how to take a physical light and make it shine through the plastic (like it does in real life). So, I did just that. I created a 47-minute premium tutorial which can be bought for the same price of a Grande Salted Caramel Mocha. The premium tutorial will build upon what I included in the free tutorial. Check it out below! (click the image) ((or this link if you prefer))

Anyway, my hope was to offer something of value for free as well as a paid tier and to make sure the value of the paid tutorial far exceeded the cost. Please, let me know what you think of this model/structure. Also, suggestions for future videos can be dropped in the comments below!