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How to Not Hate Your Job & Life

I care about what I do and I spend lots of time doing it. Sometimes I work too much. When it stops being fun, you’re doing it wrong. We’re not given a lifetime so we can piss it away doing something we don’t enjoy. Being honest with yourself and taking action are two things you can do to ensure you enjoy your work and life.

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Why Badasses Don't Need Motivation or Inspiration

Are you sick of waiting for inspiration to strike? Have you ever used the excuse of a 'lack of motivation' to procrastinate? I'm going to share a cool trick that's made a huge difference in my own work habits and quality of work. Implement it today and others will see an improvement in the work you produce. I'm talking about thinking like and  becoming a badass. Not what you were expecting? Hang with me, I'll explain.

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