Animated Short

Phew, it's finally time for me to release this project into the wild. Like any piece of art, it's never finished, we just need to decide when it's time to abandon it. This is my first animated short narrative. The scope and duration of the piece, while somewhat limited by my hardware at the time, I feel sufficiently tells the story I wanted to.


The animation opens up with some toys on a boy's shelf in his bedroom. We see the soldiers and their array is reminiscent of both soldiers ready for battle and the orderly rows of the white crosses that represent fallen soldiers. The jacks represent the Czech Hedgehogs used as barricades in war. The toy soldier on his side represents both literally and figuratively, the fallen solder, representing the cost of war. After the camera pans up to the next shelf, we see a wedding band and dog tags signifying the death of a solder related to this boy. We then see the fallen soldier's lighter, a Vietnam-era Zippo. The camera focuses on the fallen solder flag and photo, telling us this boy's father is the one who was lost at war. 

Full Breakdown Here

Thanks for taking the time to read up on this fairly extensive project. If you found it interesting or enjoyable, I'd like it if you please share it. If you have suggestions on how I could improve it, please comment below!