KeyShot Interior Render

KeyShot 6 will be released very soon and it's packed with some powerful new features. Taking advantage of those features I've created this moody sunset interior rendering. In this post we go behind the scenes! I've also included an hour-long, crispy, HD video walking through my process.

My goals with this rendering were:

  1. To achieve a moody, cinematic image
  2. To take advantage of KeyShot 6's Material Graph editor and Interior Lighting Mode
  3. To make the chair (a worn leather) the focal point of this image.

My final image rendered in KeyShot 6

I achieved the first two in my opinion but came up short on the chair. I say this because it's simply too dark to draw the eye in. Turns out the books in the corner with the light shining on them became the focal point. I'm okay with this, but intend to re-visit this rendering in order to showcase the leather chair to a greater degree.

Above is the video I mentioned in which I walk you through much of my process and workflow as it relates to creating this rendering. If you're a KeyShot user, hopefully you'll be able to learn something from it. If you'd rather just see some of the details, go ahead and read on. 

Detail of the leather chair

If you click on any of these images, you'll be able to view them larger. I've provided some detail crops from the main image. Sometimes it's hard to appreciate the detail of textures without viewing the image at full-resolution. 

Close-up of coffee cup, The Martian (book) and glass sculpture (Depth of field applied)

Attention to detail makes for a successful image. Being an avid coffee and tea drinker, I knew that I wanted to add steam wafting out of the mug. This was appropriate since the sun was streaming into the room. In such a scenario, the light would make the steam visible. 

Close-up of pillow and a book from one of my favorite series

Rendering convincing fabrics can be a challenge. I've got very little experience rendering soft surfaces and soft-goods. After rummaging through some textures included in KeyShot's library, I found this one which worked perfectly. Check out those threads!

Close-up of windowsill (before I applied Depth of field)

Above is probably my favorite part of the rendering. I dig the composition, texturing and contrast. It just works for me. I also took the time to create some of my favorite books in order to add some personality to the rendering. Using real book covers is way better than just giving book covers a solid color.