How to Download, Setup & Use KeyShot Free Trial

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So Easy, my Grandma Could Do It

Never used KeyShot before? You’re in luck! This video walks you though how to get KeyShot on your machine for free and begin rendering. This tutorial is so beginner-friendly, my grandma could pull it off.

Video Tutorial

If you’re into watching videos rather than following written posts… then you’re just like me. Grab a coffee, sit down at that computer and follow along!

Step-by-Step Tutorial

  1. Visit to download a free trial

  2. Place the downloaded .exe file on your desktop and double-click to run it, follow the on-screen instructions

  3. Choose ‘Try a watermark-free 14-day demo license’ and follow the on-screen instructions

  4. Double-click the KeyShot 8 shortcut created on your desktop

  5. Set the Workspace to ‘Default’

  6. Reduce the CPU Usage by one or two cores

  7. Download this file from (thanks Tim Charlesworth)

  8. Locate the .stp file in the folder downloaded from grabcad and drag it into KeyShot’s Real-time view

  9. Accept the default import settings

  10. Select the model from the scene tree, click on ‘Position’ below the scene tree and click ‘Move Tool’ and rotate your model into position

  11. Search the material library for the desired materials and drag onto the model

  12. Go to the Environment library and double-click the ‘2 Panels Tilted 4K’

  13. Find the Background section under the Environment tab (in Project Panel) and expand it to change to show Background Color and set it to your desired color

  14. Take a screenshot by clicking the button in the lower-left-hand corner of the screen

  15. You my friend, have just rendered an image using KeyShot!

Steps With Images (only some steps pictured)