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In Case You've Never Used KeyShot

Since 2010, Luxion's KeyShot has been the go-to photo-realistic rendering software of choice for industrial designers and other creative professionals. Known for its beginner-friendly user interface, KeyShot enables designers to effectively communicate their ideas and concepts accurately and quickly.

Ease of Use

For better or worse, KeyShot's simple UI is partially responsible for a majority of its user base being self-taught. When it comes to learning resources for KeyShot, you have a few options. Either sift through the large library of free tutorial videos and webinars Luxion has collected on its YouTube channel, or pay for on-site training (typically cost-prohibitive for individuals and small teams).

If KeyShot is so easy to learn, then why would anyone need training on the matter?

While it's true that KeyShot is simple to learn, this is still relative. Compared to other rendering solutions, it's simple, yet, it's still a technical software. Allow me to borrow an analogy from my previous boss. A Cessna is a simple aircraft to learn how to fly. But it's still an airplane.

Mastering KeyShot

Anyone can import a model into KeyShot, drag and drop a material onto it and then change the lighting environment. However, it takes a deep understanding of material science, physics, lighting, creative direction and the technicalities of ray tracing technology to create an image that impresses others.

Because of this, I think there's a large community of creatives who want a tool they can learn quickly and use to create photo-real CGI. While KeyShot fits that bill well, there could stand to be more training content available.

Material Graph Monday

I created Material Graph Monday to help creatives learn how to turn their ideas into photo-real images and videos. Every Monday, at 12pm Eastern (9am Pacific), a new video is published on my YouTube channel. I take viewers through, step-by-step and show them how to create realistic materials inside KeyShot.

While other KeyShot tutorials exist, I wanted to create something to fill a gap in what was available.

What Makes Material Graph Monday Unique

  • A regular publishing schedule. Subscribers have something to look forward to every Monday!

  • Step-by-step, thorough, real-time demonstration of how to create realistic materials.

  • A deep dive into KeyShot's none-based Material Graph.

  • An honest look at mistakes that happen along the way when building complex materials.

  • A personality to connect with.

  • Humor, although I really don't think I'm funny.

What Gives Me the Right?

I created my first computer-generated rendering in 2008 while studying industrial design in college. The software I used was called Hypershot by Bunkspeed. Two years later, this product would be re-released by Luxion as KeyShot. In 2016, I became Luxion's Global Training Specialist. For more than three years, I performed over 50 on-site KeyShot trainings. I taught designers, engineers and marketing professionals ranging from small design studios to plenty of Fortune 100 companies.

Why I Teach KeyShot

My dad is an engineer and my mother is a writing professor. I think I have my parents to thank for my affinity for teaching. Also, I enjoy making cool images. Creating a weekly video series that teaches others how to have fun turning their ideas into photo-real images scratches my creative itch and desire to teach and share what I know with others. My goal is to give back to the community that I've learned so much from in the past.

How to Watch Material Graph Monday

As mentioned, every Monday, a new episode goes live on my YouTube channel. Of course, I recommend subscribing and enabling notifications so you get a reminder when each new episode drops.

The Material Graph Monday Community

I'm a huge advocate for joining strong communities of like-minded creatives. Thankfully, social media makes this super easy! Instagram has a massive community of designers who use KeyShot to bring their ideas to life. I've been super humbled by designers on Instagram sharing their renderings and interpretations of my Material Graph Monday tutorials. If anyone tags me in their story or image, I'll re-post it to my stories, and it's really fun!

See You There!

I've been really excited by the engagement and feedback I've received so far on the Material Graph Monday videos. I plan to keep the series running indefinitely. While I may run out of materials to create, the series may evolve to teach other aspects of KeyShot or even include additional weekly segments. While it's still very early on, I've got a pretty stacked content calendar and plan to keep things rolling.

Whether you're a seasoned KeyShooter or have never used the software, Material Graph Monday is thorough and aimed at users of all experience levels. I hope to see you on the next episode, or taking part in the Material Graph Monday Instagram community.

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