Moon Truck

In an ongoing mission to become proficient in MODO, I consume tutorials to further my learning when possible. Vaughan Ling (who I met in college) is one of the better known artists who wields MODO as a painter does, his brush. He seems to be able to translate idea to 3D very quickly and efficiently. So, why not try to learn from one of the best? The vehicle featured in these images was made by following Vaughan's Gumroad tutorial. I took some creative liberties, but the design of the vehicle really is his.

I had a lot of fun learning how to create a truck like this. The full process of blocking in, detailing, rigging and animating is included in this tutorial. If you're hungry to learn, I recommend it. 

Above are the images I photobashed using NASA photography and the renderings below. 

Below are some screenshots that show the project in various stages of completion.