My Podcast

** Update - 5/3/2017 ** 
The podcast is now live!
Click here to listen to it. 

Hello friend! 

The time has come for me to pull back the curtain and reveal what I've been working on since the beginning of 2017! As a long-time podcast listener, I decided it was time that I pursue my desire to create a podcast myself. 

This podcast serves two main purposes.

  • First, it serves as a platform for like-minded creatives to connect and discuss topics that are highly-relevant.
  • Second, it serves as a catalog of these conversations so that many people can learn and benefit from the discussions. 

While it's great and true that websites and services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram allow us to 'connect' with others from around the world, there's no substitution for spoken conversation. We can learn from textbooks and user's manuals, but nothing has the long-lasting impact of a good story. Our stories make us unique as well as unite us. My goal is to record those stories and archive and share them with the world.

The reason I love podcasts is that they're on-demand, in your pocket, and long-form. They're on demand in that you can always choose what you listen to and when and for how long. They're in your pocket if you carry a smart phone. A podcast can be subscribed to via a mobile device (MP3 player, tablet, smart phone), or computer. Whenever a new episode is released, it'll download onto the device in a non-invasive manner and you can listen to it whenever it's convenient. Finally, podcast creators aren't confined to a format or length allowing for deeper, more natural and meaningful conversations to happen. In my opinion, podcasts are the most interesting and exciting form of new media.


CGI refers to images created with a computer. Since computers are everywhere today, I choose to use the acronym a bit more loosely. The CGI podcast is for the modern creative who wants to hear great stories and learn from the experiences of other successful artists and designers.


In addition to creating an excellent audio experience for listeners, I intend to create an educational platform. As an information-hungry creative, I strive to constantly better my skills. The best way to do this is to learn from others who've accomplished what you wish to. When successful creatives share their personal stories, the're helping thousands of listeners who are on their own journey to mastery. Through a community effort, we can both raise the bar of what is being created as well as help to elevate our peers to achieve more.

Each new episode will get its own blog post on the website ( There you'll be able to read show notes which are essentially highlights pulled and distilled from the conversation. There will also be links to specific items, people or resources mentioned throughout. Finally, you'll find artwork created by the episode guest and learn how to connect with him or her. 

I'm incredibly excited to launch the CGI Podcast and share it with you. It's required much more effort than I could have foreseen, yet I feel it will all be worth it. Please, sign up below to get on the CGI Podcast e-mail list to receive e-mails when new episodes launch. By getting on that list, you'll be able to influence episodes by recommending guests and questions for each episode!