Learning MODO contd.

I've been learning how to use MODO the past couple of months but had to take about a three-week break to do some client work. I was excited to see that once-upon-a-time college classmate Vaughan Ling has released some new MODO tutorials over on his Gumroad page. I took action and copped a couple of them and now I'm back in the game, learning quicker than ever and enjoying it a whole bunch! 

I mainly wanted to share the results of Vaughan's tutorial and my own progress. I'm very happy with the above image and the efficient modeling workflow I'm learning within MODO. I will mention that rendering in MODO is cool, but stupid slow. The above image was rendered at 4,500 pixels wide with 1028 samples. I let it render for 24 hours and it only made it to 96%. Also, at one point, my computer ran out of RAM and I had to 'Save Progressive Render', restart my computer and 'Load Progressive Render' in order to prevent my machine from crashing.

All that aside, I'm moving forward and loving learning another 3D program. Enjoy some screenshots of my progress on the slideshow below.