Interior no.1

Today was the first time I ever tried creating an architectural interior rendering using KeyShot. I'm pretty pleased with the results. Here, you'll see the results of using one of KeyShot 6's new features, Interior Lighting mode!

Above you can see the effects of the 5 light sources used in this scene. There's the HDRI (outside) light that comes in through the windows, the two lamps and the two in-ceiling lights. 

Below you can see the before and after comparing the final KeyShot rendering to the version edited in Photoshop.

I ended up having some issues with this file when I re-opened it to create a full tutorial of how I created this scene. A bunch of the geometry got messed up, which is a first in my experiences using KeyShot. Hopefully it's an isolated incidence. Not sure what the cause was. I do look forward to creating an interior rendering tutorial soon though!

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