CGI Podcast

In 2017 I created a podcast to scratch an itch I’d had for years. (sorry, the website doesn’t exist any longer) The CGI podcast allowed me to connect with some of today’s best 3D artists and designers and have a casual conversation. The goal was to create hours of educational and entertaining content and make it accessible to anyone for free. While the first season was short, it accomplished the goal. I hope to return with Season 2. Someday. – Subscribe on iTunes

Wait… Where’s season 2?

So, we’re all busy. I wrapped Season 1 of the CGI Podcast and thoroughly enjoyed it, but needed a break. Then, work and life got busy. Too busy to podcast. I’ve wanted to continue this show, but sincerely haven’t had time. If you’d like me to produce a second season, please drop me a message by clicking the button at the top of this page along with any suggestions, requests or feedback. 

And to those who participated and agreed to be guests on the show, thanks a ton! Simply sharing your experiences can leave a lasting impression on a listener. Thanks for giving back to such a great community of creatives. 

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