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It’s just me here. I don’t hide behind two-letter words like ‘we’ and ‘us’. As a one-man shop, I focus on efficiency and white-glove visualization services. I’m very selective about the projects I take on. That shouldn’t discourage you from applying though. It just means my time is limited and not scalable.

As a designer, writer, film enthusiast and computer nerd, I’m interested in visual storytelling. My goal is to be able to tell stories through imagery using the latest 3D modeling and rendering technology. Amazing inventions go unnoticed every day simply because the benefits aren’t clearly communicated to a target audience. 

My job is to showcase your best ideas beautifully, in a way that tells a story or makes people want to learn more. My past experiences have come together to give me a unique set of skills. From product design to technical communications to rendering specialist, I’ve managed to strike a balance between creative and technical skills with a focus on communication

My Story

I grew up drawing and enjoying art class in high school and wanted to be an artist, but let’s be honest. I wasn’t that good. Now, Michigan is known for corn, cars and hard work. I chose hard work and was lucky enough to attend design school in Detroit, Michigan where I rocked a terrible haircut and lived on a diet of granola and coffee for 4 years.

After earning my fancy-pants degree in Product Design, I headed West to work in the cycling industry. I’d fallen in love with bicycles in Detroit and spent much of my senior year traveling the East Coast to film videos, ride and compete in bike events. I worked in Orange County, CA for three years for Felt Bicycles. I honed my graphic and print design and photography skills while filling the role of Industrial Design Communications. I also boosted my 3D modeling/surfacing skills thanks to a particularly skilled design engineer.

After three years in California, my better half and I moved to a sleepy, little town in South-Western Pennsylvania. I made the most of my time in the Rust Belt by industrial design consulting and freelance rendering services. The isolation and long, cold winters and quiet, humid summers forced me to build an expansive network of design professionals and focus on improving my 3d modeling and rendering skills. I worked on various consumer, medical and tech startups during this two-year period.

After two years in Pennsylvania, we moved to NYC where I joined Luxion, the makers of KeyShot to perform on-site software training to design and engineering teams around the world. While I enjoyed living in the Great American Melting Pot, after a couple of years, the winds blew me back to the West Coast, where I rediscovered the sunshine, bumper-to-bumper traffic on the 405 and $12 avocado toast. As the Global Training Specialist at Luxion, I’ve logged more than 1,000 hours training designers and engineers at companies such as Apple, Bose, Dell, Facebook, McLaren, 3M, Pepsi, Tesla and many more.


Oliver Knights
Ion Me
First Sense Medical


Email: will@willgibbons.com


Appointed: Product Design Industry Thought Leader on LinkedIn [2016]
Featured: 50 Top Industrial Design Online Resources [2016]
Awarded:Named 1 of 25 Indie 'Preneurs To Watch (by Fizzle.co.) [2015]
Won: KeyShot 6 Beta Image Contest [2015]
Presented: Freelancing webinar; proceeds benefiting children's charity [2015]
Featured: On Coroflot, Behance & Designserved [2010,2011]


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Speaking Engagements & Presentations

RenderWorld 2018: Paséa Hotel & Spa, Huntington Beach, CA (2018)
Animation Masterclass - KeyShot Workshop
The Art of Workflow - KeyShot Workshop

RenderWorld 2017: Paséa Hotel & Spa, Huntington Beach, CA (2017)
Master Lighting - KeyShot Workshop
Pro Features to Eliminate Re-Work - KeyShot Workshop

Thought At Work: Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY (2016)
Beginner & Advanced KeyShot Workshops
Continuously Creative: Micro Conference, Douglas, MI (2015)
What is Good Design?
Collaborative Design Career Day: Haworth inc, Holland, MI (2014)
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